Prashanth Iyengar


For Prashanth, music is an inborn intrinsic knowledge manifested into reality.

Iyengar has realized this noble goal in a dedicated span of over two and a half decade in the music field.

Born into the family of musicians, scholars, Erudite Sanskrit virtuosos and Court Musicians of the erstwhile Mysore Royal Palace, his Musical innate inheritance blossomed at the very early age of five years.  Seeing that this is when any one can hardly think of playing the divine instrument with its enormous complexity involved in playing, Prashant’s proves in the Veena can only be described as a natural musical prodigy.  At the age of eight, he could play extraordinary and complex musical compositional genre of Karnataka Music with ease.

Prashanth Iyengar belongs to the direct musical lineage of the famed Saint composer Sri Tyagaraja.  His music is further backed by training rigor of the rich traditional Mysore Subbanna school of Veena. Prashanth Iyengar received his initial tutelage under his mother Smt Padmasini Narasimhachar and matured into an artist under the guidance of Veena Virtuoso Vidwan Lion Sri. R. K. Suryanarayana.

His constant experiment on the Instrument has helped to envision and adapt his own style of playing that is characterized with sensational touches involving rich nuances and varied patterns in the musical content.

He captivates his audiences with his distinctive presentation which is coupled with natural reverberation of the sympathetic strings that he has innovated in his instrument and his approach in the presentation of the musical genre has attracted wide appreciation among the connoisseurs of Music.

The sympathetic co-ordination of assortment of instrumental sound Mr. Iyengar brings in from his divine Veena is a treat to his audiences – the smooth and lustrous Instrumental tone produced by mellow strokes and by judicious understanding which produces wholesome sound. He brings coherence and blends various forms of music in his concerts which has received joyous accolades from the connoisseurs of music across the globe.